Monday, November 12, 2007

A New Day

Guess things are starting to settle although there are a lot on my mind atm. Perhapes sad and feeling happy for both myself and others. Went psycho cycling today perspired like mad... lets see i cycled from my place at jalan kayu to bishan, get some mail from my old house and than i decided to cycle more since i wasn't soo tired. So i just cycled towards the west side. Cycled past Lornie Rd, Upper Bukit Timah Rd, down to the new la salle building and cycled towards the Esplanade. Whew didn't know i cycled pretty far till i saw the time kinda took like 4 hrs ridding from all that. It was ard 4 already when i reached the esplanade. Got off my bike and looked ard. Ah the water and the breezy winds. Perfect place to cool off and think things through. Cycling back and saw a acting scene... they were occupying some corner so i had to get off my bike and make a big turn ard the padang.... and than had to get off bike cause traffic was getting crazy haha...

Rushed to starbucks to get a quick drink cause my bike didnt have a lock so i had to like park it outside and quickly rush in to buy my drink and keep a look out tat no one is eyeing my bike... was kinda lost after that and was just thinking how to go back... so i decided to cut through national library and than go down back to the new la salle and cycle past little india...* WRONG IDEA*... i shouldn't have cycle past little india... *gasp*

Somehow the road were all going ok until i reached little india... not gonna be racist or anything but that long stretch of road is a nightmare for a cyclist like me... the traffic gets crazy... the people are like running across roads when cars are like all over.... i personally found it hard to cycle through all that crap... The lanes were filled with people... almost crash into a person... was... tis close to a car... lol it was scary... well it became better after bendemeer where the pavements were better... Cycled straight past potong pasir so i decided to cycle past my old school and than it was off to hougang to eat their famous nasi lemak... didnt eat there... too crowded... so i decided to dao pao back some for my mom and sister... than it was cycling up hill and down past sengkang. and than back home... whew when i got off my bike my legs totally went AWOL on me wahaha i kinda just sat on the floor... totally couldn't move due to it being sore... sat there for like 5 mins and tried to slowly get back up... oh well till now tat im writing its still kinda sore but haha it would be gone by tomorrow... total cycling time would be... 7 hrs wahahaa and tat would be like ??km no idea dun noe how to measure...

Gonna go do something new in the next up coming days before i go into the army. Read some information on Archery and Mountain biking. Well Mountain biking i plan to do so with my friends soon think the track at pasir ris should be fun... As for Archery it would definitely be fun cause... i just like it haha... but the course is certainly not cheap so ill just see how it goes and etc... Archery is probably a good sport to keep ur mind at peace ^^ and of course it will keep my mind off things. PEW PEW for the win ^^

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Friday, November 09, 2007


its been a really long time since i updated... probably im just lazy or ya... its been wat... nearly 5 months since my last post... haha anyway things have been rocky for me... having problems regarding religion and going to the army... pretty up and down... probably they just find me rebellious on their side? im not sure...

Now this is the interesting things they tell me... if anyone noes me they would probably go like oooh he is seventh day adventist... ya its very popular now... everyone even a kid noes seventh day adventist... so here it goes...

A: ok i want to know why your going into the army when you have the option to go to CD.
S: cause its a personally decision and anyway due to my condition im not allowed to participate with firearms or anything regarding it. And personally i wouldn't want to be a medic cause... ya i just don't want to and i rather not do office work at CD as far as i know... nvm shan't elaborate much on that.
A: ok, so you don't take up firearms so what are you going to do when you finish your BMT?
S: ill probably tryout to work at the technology department.
A: oh i see. ok, can you tell me what the technology department does?
S: well they do various types of work from clerical to perhapes even stuff regarding on virtual issues.
A: ah i see. So isn't that still some sort of way to prepare people to kill people?
S: *thinks* "you do have a point there... "
S: ok so if thats the case than perhapes maybe some help in the medical examination area?
A: ah but you see... if your there. Aren't you preparing the soldiers for their training to kill?
S: *thinks* "okay.... "
S: Than perhapes ill just go for clerical work at the camps?
A: ah than won't you be administrating the soldiers for war to kill?
S: *thinks* "WTF you actually have everything to counter what im about to say huh... im truly amaze at what you guys can think of the army "
A: ok you go think about what i told you
S: ok
S: *thinks* " whats there to think... everything you tell me abt the army or any post there is in the army is to kill? so if i become a driver? ill be assisting the killing in some way or another? "

I'm starting to understand why some people left SDA and after hearing some of their problems. It seems the problem is the church itself... They have no idea how many internal errors they have and they just don't seem to do anything about it. The people and God make up the church... but it seems the people in it are the ones that are the problem.

Jee im probably going into deep meditation to think. I know God has saved me time and time over my life and help me go through my problem. I'm glad i believe in him and of course if he keeps me alive till now, im sure he has something in stored for me.

My mom left the church many years ago due to a problem regarding the church as well. I think what she says makes some logic... and perhapes she is my MOM... my flesh and blood and perhapes me and her do have some thinking alike and etc.

Mom: ok son... being a hypocrite and going to church is like better off not going to church... and that person would be... u noe... but son let me tell you this. Its not what you eat that bring you to heaven. Its not what you plan to do with your life that brings you to heaven. Its what you believe and how you can overcome problems by asking God and letting God guild you.

Anyway ill just see how things go and ya i believe that God is still guiding me and he wouldn't let go. There goes like one Gigantic part of what troubles me...

Now... so far since july to now... ive been moving house... doing work... work... drawing = work... ya... watching tv... playing WoW... ya i guess thats about it... My life at relationship is still at a constant problem and it doesn't seem to get any better... probably falling apart soon due to a lot of problems such as religion - character... Its like the person you started to like has somehow changed or just turned away... talk less... dun give a damn abt wat u are doing... can't be probably bothered abt tis and tat... negligence to stuff happening ard... giving u hope abt changing... religion kicks away love... i just think its time to move on... 3 years... oh wait ya 3 years... is it me? am i doing something wrong? i talk, i care, i bother, trying to change, i swear to u i have no idea whats wrong? or am i the onli one doing the job? if its recently how im treating u than u have to ask yourself why am i being like tis... yes im pretty much still human... i do have emotion... i think i noe why... age... yes it has to be age... and religion...

Anyway can't wait to finish army and go to korea and finish up studying there maybe life could turn for a better when im there ^^ the cold weather the snow the people wahaha nice place i would say ^^ cheers signing off

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

its only $79!!!!!! & Tamagotchi fever

$79!!!! wat kinda nice tour agency lets u take a bus up and puts u in a hotel and gives u a buffet every morning u wake up and than gives u a free night and a trip back for only $79... pretty crazy huh well believe it or not its true ^^

well im leaving on tis coming sunday feeling kinda excited i thought i was gonna go there alone but oh well manage to grab a friend to come along, thanks suresh buddy... u better ride those freaking rides with me u wimp... haha

the past few weeks were pretty groggy and a little boring... oh yeah FINALLY!!! we actually went out together as a group of friends after.... think tis is the first time ya... sadly to say but WTH man its like dooooh FUN.... manage to hang out with everyone, manage to get iris out so more outings hurray!!! we should hang out more often and often ^^ its fun man.

"One day 3 girls got tamagotchi... 2 of them got a girl while the other got a boy... they are pampering it as of now... now the other kids that know them want to have 1 TOO!!!... jee man whats going on O.o" anyway to the happy kid who's birthday happens to fall on the same as mine... can u guess what u gonna get!!!!?... *bleah isnt it doh obvious*

oh well signing off and dun noe when i will be writing in... GENTING!!! $79!!! THEME PARK!!! HOT GIRLS!!! *oops just joking haha*

Back to the Prawning Broad...

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rise of the Silver Surfer - 6/10

ok ill start off why i gave it 6/10... the first part was really cool and so on pretty interesting... but when the surfer lost his board he became weak... and tats when he look really silly (reminded me of the painted guy tat scares ppl by acting as a statue, -1 point ) jessica alba was hot as always wahaha!! ok lastly the worst was when the surfer blew galactis and himself up... i didnt noe surfer who had 20% of galactics power could kill galactis... not really possible u dun do some stupid thing and try to kill the destroyer of worlds ( terrible, -2 points )... guess they had to put a end... doubt they wanna come out another F4 ( how to kill galactis, -1 point ) very terrible...

Haven't post for a while since i came back from hongkong. Actually didnt have the time to do tat anyway... came back 1 week later went for ubin camp, tat place was fun other than the bites i got from a gigantic flea and the mozzes... got a sun tan but it was great man ^^ never felt better. Went to the Gym recently ^^ my arm is strong wahahaha!! feeling great and happy. Met reuben who was totally in shape and my school fren from before great athelete ^^ now getting ready to go youth camp haiz... dreadful... dun noe why i feel tat way... probably too much travelling liao :P sian wahaha!!

my girlfren tells me tat my herbal life isnt working!!!!! so sad i did drop some weight but i think she see me every week till she doesnt even realise tat i reduce :P oh well back to more gym and running ^^ working on character designs at the moment gonna post them up soon the line works took me a while... photoshopping it is out of the idea yet...

Went to harbour front tis morning... Saw tis new looking chocolate with nice packaging feel like buying it for some people ^^ than went down to met some of my old pals at NAFA took a short walk and saw the new lasalle... i hate NAFA and the air head who designed NAFA... pls go look at lasalle before u come up with a design... arghhh... not to insult ur design but jeesh design NAFA until it looks like some kinda tea house... i guess they designed and architectured it to its foundation as a chinese foundation... Lasalle looks soooo nice... so y2k kinda look nice 21st century look indeed.

My mom and her fren was tempted by the devil but failed.... wats the chance of winning a E65 and a PSP in the arcade... jeesh and they onli spent 20 dollars... and got a nice 30$ clock too... and just today got news from my mom tat her other fren went on a cruise and won $50k... tis ppl really lucky... but i can say the devil has failed in tempting them wahaha!! cause after they win they never seem to gamble for a few years :P so i guess its lady luck on them...

Saw the news yesterday... luckily we came back from hongkong in time... the cable car we took... fell down and smashed on the floor 50m... jeesh i feel really safe all of a sudden ^^

ok back to the drawing board... arghh!!!! MORE PUSH UPS!!!!

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Canton Fever

Bleah feeling weird just went to esplanade library and hung out with some of my frens at old embassy. went on a decaf madness... starbucks shot is crazy but oh well i pay with a card so its all kinda free... who wans treats? on the house *groggy* looking for a sweater hmm not sure if its called a sweater but it has a hood and it acts like a jacket... if anyone noe wat u call it pls tell me or where they might sell one... *haccchuuuuu*

Leaving to hong kong on the 26th of may that is this coming weekend saturday night. Not really anxious as its simply a trip of fun and so on. I guess i have been spending a lot at one shot on holidays since i dun really get the chance to get out of singapore for my last 19 years of my life. Its pay back wahaha so enjoy for fun.

Have been listening to cantonese songs and shows. Btw i love to watch cantonese shows probably ive been listening to their language but never absorb on how to speak. Understanding what they say in cantonese is easy but speaking it for me is a little hard onli noe a little here and there... TOUGH...

The days have been rough as been application into national service is still processing and my reply has come... Im posted to military office CMPB... but anyway i still can go for military training just no arms for me wahaha!! Its been my life long dream to wear a soldiers uniform. not those from NCC...

Been having some lack of sleep problems but have been making it up with my naps after my exercise. After my trip from hongkong im going to go shop for my bicycle so i can cycle to pulau ubin weeeeee ^^ weeks have past and time has been passing by really quick as well i must say... Life is moving on and im glad everyone is happy and so on ^^

Feel happy for all my friends as they have moved on in their life. I noe its kinda long winded for me to list everyone out but since its been a while ill just jot in down. *my blog* hmmm i think ill start from alpha* order

- Frank, moving on to his uni going to CD soon and has a girlfren tats assuring going on in life
- Hydon, got into ITE simei feel very happy for him, on life's track again 3 cheers for u my bro
- Iris, got into la salle music school(stupid nafa), i feel very happy for her as she enters into wat she loves to do with her great style of music ^^ double cheers for the arts and on the mac too!!
- Olivine, always smart and ready for a question, pretty and also a lawyer totally impressed
- Rachel, hardworking and smart got on to a good JC tat she is happy with(SAJC!!! *joking*). Having fun with her music and harp. still waiting for a harp performance from her ^^

AHH now here come all the S's (asses) *joking*
- Simon, tats me!!!! playing and designing game characters as always, enjoying the relationship i have with all my friends. I lack sleep but yet sleep alot God help me ^^
- Sophraine, *i was abt to write seraphic but she is nearly a generation younger than me...* Baking her way to fame, Working hard to get contacts, Aiming to open a nice shop. 3 cheers for having an aim and a dream too ^^
- Suresh, wow tis guy is tough... tones of quarrels with him but still we get through... wats buddies if u dun have a nice quarrel or fight in between ur entire life as frens... it all comes in the package... not sure yet wat he is doing but im sure God will guide him somewhere ^^
- Tedmund, lastly and not least. moving on to poly as a business student. looking good as always *unlike me* betcha in poly the girls are all over him. Nice but kinda cranky at times. but still a real buddy and pal ^^

Did i leave out anyone? hmmm pls look thru and see if i have missed out i dun think so did i? eeks...
Anyway as listed these guys have been a pillar of hope and strength for me. Although i may have hurt them in the past with my stupid brain im glad they have forgiven me. But no matter wat these are real friends that i would really love to enjoy to have ard me till we are old ^^ love u guys lol... * i feel like mr emo* (cries at a corner) ><
Dun ever ask me why im writing all tis but just feel like writing ok...

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dizzy Days

well today is sat a very usual and likewise sat ^^
enjoyed the session on the apochryer or watever u call it, thought by olivine
Tendency of dozing off...
Went to Q & A youth thingy that i didnt find so useful other than one thing
tat was abt dating and so it kept crossing my mind ^^
Had a blah bleh bloh hu ha abt where to eat... almost gave up and went home to drink shakes...
(would have kinda regretted if i went back to make shakes)
Went to jap restaurent at revenue house
Interior was nice... quite cheap for my standards...
Food wasnt up to the standard... im a pampered food connesieur... i wan good food...
but it did ok for japanese meal... enjoyed the vanilla shake... ( got tummy ache )
Beef Salad tasted like it just went into the bin and the dog ate it and spat it on the platter *vomit*
salmon belly soup was good... just tat not enough salmon bellies at all... 3 small slices... arghh cheat money... i never really say how much i enjoy the meal cause i usually like to critizes food :P food critics are gooooodddddd ^^

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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Just came back from my beautiful awesome stay at paragon... and if u are asking me if paragon has a hotel i think u better go back shopping at orchard rd all over again haha... didnt mind staying there for more days even if i cant see anyone else cause its soo beautiful at night, it was like the whole of orchard rd and the city was in my view to catch. Awesome, well if i cant stay at marriot or grand hyatt i could sure use somewhere like paragon haha ^^

Well its back home. Moving soon, Very bored, Not sure what to do, Cant do much work cause of a little problem. Wish i could do something. Been drawing but somethings just dun seem right cause of my drawing hand. No one i can find to talk to nowadays. Its pretty boring to talk to some pple i know cause obviously they are boring... well call me spoilt or watever man... sometimes we must find the right ppl to get into a conversation... guess its just me i dun noe wat to talk abt even if we had a conversation... everyone is busy busy busy nowadays ^^ its cool

last time everyday seem to be pretty exciting with a fren or so. haha but i cant go back simply just cant coop with certain things. oh well i think i better get on with life. Holidays are boring and boring... damn those hands and problems ^^

Watched phantom of the opera... can say i was really impressed by all the singing and acting probably just tat when they were acting the scene for masquarade, found it a little kinda un coordinated hehe... but all the singing was fabulous. ill totally grade it a 9 upon 10 for it. i guess tats the only day tat was nice for watching a great opera. hmmm im suddenly losing touch with certain things. Things like i used to do like gifts arent in my mind anymore... gosh im losing it... ahh its not fun anymore. i guess ill go hitch some hike at my neighbours place. its so boring, everything ard me is turning boring... hmm not sure if the devil is playing with my mind... but im pretty clear tat im still doing some stuff here and there to keep my life pretty much normal. Doing housework, reading my bible, looking into stuff such as religious stuff abt my bible ( sooo many interesting things ), play a game or so, watch some tv, read some books, watch some anime, going out to exercise... yada yada and so ^^

oh well im just gonna do wat i always do. Have fun every weekend ^^ go eat play talk and have fun!!! ^^ why should u care abt other things on a sat ^^ enjoy the night out go play talk and have lotsa fun!!! ^^ but sat nights are dying fun if u noe wat i mean. guess im a spoilt potato who eats expensive chips. oh well but a simple eating and just chit chatting is all cool man!!! ^^ no one is doing it anymore or hardly if u noe wat i mean.. its simply dying away poof poof allakhazam!!! haha!!

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